After School Sessions: Math Gamers

All programs run in 6-week sessions. Each session contains new classes and games. If a student takes a 6-week session, and wants to take another, he/she doesn’t have to worry that the games will be the same!

At the same time, if he/she didn’t take the 1st 6-wk session and wants to take a following session, there's an easy transition to that 2nd session.​

Sessions are divided into the following grade configurations. However, if your child is working above or below grade level, we'll be happy to talk with you and/or your child's teacher to find a more appropriate placement to accommodate your child's needs and goals.

K-1st gr program (Kinders' program not available @ all schools)
2nd/3rd gr program
4th/5th gr program
6th gr program - Summer only - See Math Gamers "Active" 

All programs are $65 per 6-week session, which usually covers a facility fee assessed by the hosting venue. In certain cases, if a venue's fee is higher than normal, Math Gamers may have to assess a small facility fee, in addition to the $65. However, we will do our best to avoid this!

Math Gamers

CONTACT: 503.880.4988

Think Math Isn't Fun? Think Again!!