Math Gamers

After School Sessions: Math Gamers

All programs run in 6- to 8-week sessions. Each session contains new classes and games. If a student takes one session, and wants to take another, he/she doesn’t have to worry that the games will be the same!

At the same time, if they couldn't participate in a session and wanted to take the following session, there's an easy transition to that 2nd session.​

Sessions are divided into the following grade configurations. However, if your child is working above or below grade level, we'll be happy to talk with you and/or your child's teacher to find a more appropriate placement to accommodate your child's needs and goals.

K-1st gr program (Kinders' program not available @ all schools)
2nd/3rd gr program
4th/5th gr program
6th gr program - Summer only - See Math Gamers "Active" 

Our program costs are in flux at this time. Unfortunately, in rebuilding our in-person programs to pre-Covid levels, we have to consider the present state of the economy, which includes an increase in our expenses. Some school systems are receiving extra funding to contribute to reducing the cost for parents, so together we can negotiate a lower price.

In any case, Math Gamers will always do our best to deliver the best program we can, at the most economical price!

Think Math Isn't Fun? Think Again!!

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