Math Gamers

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Think Math Isn't Fun? Think Again!!

Are your parents interested in enrichment for your math curriculum?
Math Gamer
s can help you do just that! We offer hands-on, interactive afterschool math enrichment programs for students in grades 1-5 that require virtually no work on your part. The programs are parent-paid and Math Gamers handles all the administrative details including registration and rosters. All you need to do is rent us the space and let us deliver the registration flyers for distribution.

Each session runs for 6-10 weeks, meeting once a week after school. Parents can pay Math Gamers directly to have their child participate. W
e have programs designed for 1-5th graders, all of which are presented in the fun, interactive manner of playing a game. In each class, students learn at least one new game, and the goal of each game is matched to at least one of the common core math standards.

Participation in
a Math Gamers session may be just the thing a student needs to get him/her “over the hump” in math. For students who “get” math, a Math Gamers session can provide them with an extra opportunity to do more of what they love!

For more information, email us at kc@mathgamers.net, or give us a call @ 503.880.4988.