Math Gamers

Think Math Isn't Fun? Think Again!!

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​​​How Did This Idea

of Having Fun

with Math Start?!

Founded by Kathy Cvetko, a teacher whose experience in the classroom, as a tutor, and as a math/science enrichment instructor (during and after school), uniquely positioned her for developing a creative, relevant way for students to learn math! 
She saw the need for children with a variety of learning styles to achieve success in math; and, she found that using original games (e.g., board, dice, guessing) helped to quell anxiety and increase proficiency. 
When the world became gripped by COVID, she pivoted to online classes, by creating another original curriculum of fun activities centered around math in the home environment.
Now, she’s back in the afterschool classroom, enjoying, even more, that special connection and student empowerment inspired by in-person learning.
Kathy has achieved an extensive formal education. She has an MA in Teaching, an MS in Social Work, and a Bachelor's in Business Administration. These credentials have qualified her professionally for educating and investing in our youth and running an innovative business. She's owned the company for 10+ years; thus, she's developed an expertise that comes with experience. She is also a US Air Force veteran.
Combined with these qualifications is her love of math, which, without a doubt, was a key inspiration for her to start an organization dedicated to making math fun!