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Written and drawn by our owner, Kathy Cvetko, these are the creative "back stories" to her Tshirt designs! Retail: $7. Includes S & H 

Math "jokes," featuring a Princess and Diesel/Scooper!

 Tshirts, Books, and Games, OH, MY!!

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Now offering games to buy. take home. and play often! Examples below:

​"Nature math," featuring  Patches the Pony and Pigster/Ms.Spider!

How Pigster meets Ms. Spider and learns about


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​Math Gamers has 4 unique, original books for sale, each covering a different math concept!

How a simple DIVISION

problem helps Diesel and

Scooper deliver mulch 

How Kate, a Princess, rescues herself using MEASUREMENT

Math Gamers

Making Pathways: Multiplication©

Think Math Isn't Fun? Think Again!!

How Patches the Pony

helps us find 

PATTERNS in nature


Math Gamers has 4 unique styles

of  Tshirts available

Originally designed and drawn by our owner, Kathy Cvetko, these Tshirts are an amazing way to get your

kiddos into the spirit of math fun! Retail: $15. Includes S & H

We can package any of your students' favorite games into a take-home version, to play again and again with family and friends! Directions and common core standards for the game are included. Retail: $10. Includes S & H