Math Gamers was founded by Kathy Cvetko, a former teacher who has experience in the classroom, as a tutor, and as a math and science enrichment instructor.

She saw the need for children with a variety of learning styles to achieve success in math; and, she found that using games (e.g., board, dice, guessing, memory) helped to quell their anxiety and increase their proficiency.

In addition to life experience, Kathy has achieved an extensive formal education. She has a Master of Arts in Teaching, Master of Science in Social Work, and a Bachelor of Business Administration. These credentials have qualified her professionally for educating and investing in our youth, as well as running an innovative business.

Combined with these qualifications is her love of math, and her own experience as the parent of two children with very different learning styles. This is what  inspired her to start an organization dedicated to making math fun.

Math Gamers

Think Math Isn't Fun? Think Again!!

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